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County Councillor For Aldershot East



Welcome to Councillor Eric Neal's website.

This website is intended to help my Constituents and others keep up to date with some of the things that are happening in Aldershot and our County of Hampshire, also to find their way through the maze of local government. The “Who To Talk To” page provides a useful insight into the responsibilities of the following Council's as well as mentioning other organisations.

There are three tiers of local authority in Hampshire. The top tier is the County Council and they are responsible for their services throughout the geographical County except for the cities of Portsmouth and Southampton. The next tier are represented by the Borough and District Councils of which there are eleven.

My County Electoral Division of Aldershot East is part of the district administered by Rushmoor Borough Council. The lowest tier of authority is the Parish Council but not all areas of the County have one, Aldershot East is one of those un-Parished areas.

As from June 2009 the political makeup of Hampshire County Council is 51 Conservatives, 25 Lib/Dems, 1 Labour, 1 Independent making a total of 78 Councillors.


In the last two years I, and my great friend and Conservative colleague Hampshire County Cllr for Aldershot West Roger Kimber, have personally approved some £40,000 of HCC grants to organisations in Aldershot.

For Roger and me it has been a humbling experience to see how much this money has been appreciated.

Connaught School PTA, Parkside Heronwood, Community Action Hampshire, 14th and the 2nd Aldershot Scout Group, North East Domestic Violence Support Group for Victims, Deux Chats Pre-School, St Augustine’s Parent and Toddler Group, Connaught Leisure Centre, Holy Trinity Church and others have benefited.

A tribute to our Armed Forces

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Hampshire County Councillors Eric Neal and Roger Kimber